PhD in Germany


The German university system and Research both have a long tradition and enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the world. The authorisation to award doctoral degrees, is, at present the privilege of the universities in Germany, with the exception of a few universities of applied sciences. The German government has commenced an excellence initiative with the aim of nurturing the universities. We offer support to PhD candidates in possession of an excellent Master's or postgraduate degree to select a doctoral supervisor as well as with the accreditation of the academic transcripts from their home country, necessary steps on the road to becoming enrolled as a doctoral candidate at a German university. In addition we offer in-house solutions for intercultural and linguistic preparation for PhD candidacy in Germany. Here there are three main project-oriented lines of funding:

  • Postgraduate schools for the nurturing of next generation scientists offer structured doctoral programmes within the framework of an excellent research environment in a broad scientific domain.
  • Centres of excellence are to be established at the universities providing research and training institutes that are both high-profile and competitive at an international level. These centres of excellence are to cooperate with non-academic research institutions, universities of applied sciences as well as with the business world.
  • The promotion of "Future-oriented concepts for the development of top-notch university research" is an initiative designed to give a further boost to up to ten selected universities. The requirement for participation is that the university possesses at least one centre of excellence, one postgraduate school as well as one coherent strategy to stand out as an internationally recognised "Beacon of Academia".
Academic Requirements

Excellent Bachelor's and Master's Degree in the same or related scientific field
Clearly formulated thesis proposal with detailed research timetable and list of publications
Résumé with no gaps and showing clear academic or professional career pathway

Language Requirements

Résumé with no gaps and showing clear academic or professional career pathway