Why Germany

Germany has a very strong economy and one of the reasons for this is the quality of its higher education system. The German government is one of world's biggest investors in research and development. It funds and supports a wide variety of universities and their research facilities. Thus where ever you are in your academic journey Germany has a lot to offer you.

Germany-The Land of Ideas!

Each year German universities produce make advances and lead in pioneering innovation which is internationally recognized providing the optimal conditions to receive a successful education in Germany. Education, Science & Research play a pivotal role in the German society. To name a few inventions Aspirin, phenol, MP3, Diesel Engine, Tachometer, Electromagnetic radiation, Gauss, Hertz, Ohm, Roentgen, X-ray, Crystallography, auto mobile, Zeppelin. The diverse opportunities available in Germany for learning and research have attributed the German universities with an excellent reputation throughout the world.

Germany's achievements in the sciences have been significant. The Nobel Prize has been awarded to 104 German laureates. For most of the 20th century, Germany has been awarded more laureates than those of any other nation, especially in the sciences (physics, chemistry, and physiology or medicine).

ZERO education costs

As most Universities or Colleges are state funded the fees are relatively low for a country in the EU. Thus there is no concept of buying a degree as practiced in other favoured education destinations. The expenses for Education in Germany, unlike any other developed country, are relatively low making it one of the strongest motivators for international students to study in Germany. The significant advantage for students is the fact that they can obtain a quality education for a relatively low tuition fee or none at all. With various student benefits and discounts, considerably low cost of living for students, makes Germany one of the favourable destinations for international students worldwide.

Learner Friendly Environment!

Leaner Friendly Environment! No matter what benefits you get to further your studies, if you are not at home in your surrounding the adjustment to study will be challenging. For this reason the education system in Germany emphasizes the importance of a learner friendly environment for international students. Starting from the support provided by us at EURASIA, the university staff look forward to providing their fullest support, guidance and encouragement required for an international student to lead a comfortable life during their time of study in Germany.

All the universities in Germany strictly abide by the law of the country which states that a person shall not be discriminated against or granted preferential treatment on the basis of race, ethnic group, gender or social class making it an ideal environment for an international student.

Germany’s Political and Economic Stability - The Heart of Europe

Germany consists of 16 states and its capital and the largest city is Berlin. It is the most populous member state in the European Union. Germany is the largest and most powerful national economy in Europe, the fourth largest economy in the world. Germany is the world's top location for trade fairs.

International ranking states Germany as a safe country the great importance attached to education makes it a unique destination in the world.

Academic Standards – Internationally Acclaimed

The high standards maintained by the education system in Germany have placed its many universities amongst the best in the world. Whichever the field you want to master, may it be Medicine, Engineering, Sciences, Business, Law, Art and design, the courses offered in a variety of disciplines are internationally recognized. The higher education system in Germany adopts the 'dual education system' which is based on the principal of 'unity of learning and research'.