Life in Germany


Now that you are aware of the procedure to study in Germany - one of the best locations for Higher Education, do get to know more about how your life is going to be in Germany.Numerous opportunities, choices and adventures are awaiting you, for the best life experience you will ever have. Make studying interesting by exploring this magnificent country, with a truly diverse Cultural, Social and Intellectual Society.

An Exciting Student Life !

Well, for one thing, you would probably be studying at a University which is amongst the best, not only in Europe, but the World, with top-notch Infrastructure and Equipment; there are great libraries to do research for your assignments, as well as a comfortable place to study in peace. The German Higher Education System has undergone a dramatic internationalization, which means that you will get the chance to meet and study with people from around the World.

Many German Universities are in the top 100 World rankings, having both tradition and excellence in teaching, where many Nobel Laureates have studied; so there isn’t a doubt that you will receive an extraordinary Education. Studying in Germany is amazing, easy and loads of fun as it is one of the best Student Friendly Environments in the World.

Student Clubs and Activities

There is no shortage of Student Clubs and activities on and off Campus. If you are an adventurous person, if you like to experience new things, if you are interested in any Sports Activity like Football, Sailing or Chess or whatever your interest may be, you can pursue these interests by joining Student Clubs or Activity Groups to spend your leisure time. Those who prefer to engage in Art will find Theater Groups, Choirs, Orchestras and University Radio Stations offer plenty of opportunities.

Transportation Facilities

Transportation to whichever destination you wish to visit is not a problem in Germany, since there are Trams, Buses and Trains in almost all the regions of the Country. “Semesterticket” which is a common transportation ticket among students, allows you to use any Public Transportation at a discounted price for a full Semester.

If this is going to be your first visit to Germany, you will definitely be surprised by the number of Bicycles used by Germans and Students in particular, because they are very fond of using Bicycles as a means of Transport. You too can consider getting hold of a second-hand Bicycle, which will make your travelling easy and fun - filled.

Explore Germany

Education comes first, but major Festivals, Cultural Events, Carnivals, Travelling and German food are definitely the fun side of Germany, which you will experience. It is always good to take a break from Studies once in a while, to explore the patterns of life in Germany. This is also a way of educating yourself, gathering experiences and creating memories.

Germany, with its plurality of regional identities, offers a wide variety of Festivals and Cultural Events: whatever you are into, whether it be sampling German beers and gastronomic delights, getting swept away by a Carnival Procession, checking out the latest publication trends from around the World, or simply joining a group of people having the same passion or hobby in common with you – the chances are that an event takes place each year, somewhere in Germany, that is customized to provide the type of experience and excitement you’re seeking.

A few of the main Festivals and Culture Events in Germany

Oktoberfest - Unfolding through late September and into the first few days of October, Oktoberfest marks 16 days of celebrating all things Bavarian – most notably: the beer. It is Germany’s most famous festival which is also celebrated worldwide!

The Frankfurt Book Fair - The biggest book and media fair in the World - with around 7500 exhibitors from over 110 countries.

Carnival Season - A great opportunity to celebrate, which Germans love to do no matter what, is provided by the Carnival Season leading up to Easter.

The Berlin Film Festival - One of the most prestigious film festivals in the World, with Golden and Silver Bears (the Awards) being on the same footing with ‘Palme d’Or’ and Oscars.

Festival-Mediaval (The Medieval Festival) - Surely one of the most unusual and entertaining of festivals taking place in Germany each year. The re-enactment of scenes from life in the middle ages with Medieval Markets, Fire Shows, Music, Street Performers and all kinds of bizarre characters like Witches and Beggars roaming around, depicts the kind of atmosphere that was prevalent in central Europe many Centuries ago.

Culinary delight - Who does not love to try new types of food? German Cuisine has much to offer in its rich and diverse extraordinary traditional German Food Recipes. While studying here, you should certainly try out some of these delicious dishes, no matter which part of the country you are at as each region has its own specialties. You will indeed fall in love with German food.

Travelling There is no denying that travelling is a lot of fun. During weekends and University breaks if you plan in advance, find deals on trains or carpool with others, you can travel not only in Germany but to other extraordinary places across Europe. In this way, you gain new perspectives and get to see many amazing places