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The EURASIA Institute was founded by Andrew Geddes in 1993 and is all about imparting knowledge of languages and cultures. The EURASIA Institute is continually expanding its world-wide network - with universities, institutions, companies and associations, and values the positive synergies that arise from this mutual cooperation.

With its multi-faceted range of products and services, EURASIA aims to build bridges and thereby help to create better understanding between cultures.

Since 1999, EURASIA has offered language courses in practically all languages, as well as translation and interpreting services, specialist seminars for academics, and intercultural seminars for universities and government authorities. EURASIA takes full advantage of its central location in Berlin and attracts young people from all over the world to its summer courses and Berlin tours in this vibrant German metropolis. EURASIA also arranges work placements (internships) both in Germany and abroad, as well as offering work placement opportunities itself to motivated young people.

EURASIA prepares students from over 30 countries around the world specifically for studying in Germany. This work includes language courses, intercultural training, student counselling and student services as well as the host family programme. EURASIA actively supports young people in making successful applications to German universities and technical universities. In addition, EURASIA assists young academics from abroad in finding a PhD supervisor, and realising their PhD and research proposals in Germany.

EURASIA prides itself in being an educational institution which is helping to increase the attraction of Germany as a place to study. In the context of our international academic networks we are able to offer continuing professional education programmes and services to German Universities and technical universities. These range from English courses for university lecturers, through intercultural seminars for university staff development and translation services for universities, to marketing support to German universities.

It is the aim of EURASIA to make an effective contribution to mutual understanding between the many cultures across the globe.

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