Accommodation In Germany

Accommodation in Germany

Upon receiving the conditional offer letter from the university and admissions letter from Eurasia Germany the next question would be “where am I going to stay” We assist our students with a range of options in order to provide our students with the best environment for language learning.

Host Family Program

Living with a German host-family is one of the best options you can choose during your study period in Germany. This option to a greater extent helps you to learn the language fast and you will be able to experience the interesting intercultural connections in your environment. We have respectable families partnering with EURASIA who are most willing to welcome foreign students into their homes. They will not only help you advance your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills but also will make you feel at homeand will provide you with care and guidance.

Student Dormitory / Youth Hostel

Student dormitory or hostel facilities are available on a shared basis with other students. This is in fact the most popular form of accommodation among students which is known in German as “Wohngemeinschaften” (WGs). Several students get together and share all the facilities in the apartment whilst which each student may have their own room.

Flat / apartment

If you are an independent learner and prefer to live on your own, a small apartment may be ideal for you. apartments are freely available in around universities you can choose an apartment based on your preference.