German language courses

German language courses and training

German is the language of instruction in most higher education institutes with exception of some programmes instructed in English. Besides having adequate educational qualifications applicants need to have German language skills at a level that enables them to meet language requirements needed for academic study.


We offer German courses and training based on the level of the German language skills of the students who wish to apply for a university in Germany. The Fast Track which is being taken by majority of students who plan to study in Germany consists of six levels.

Level:-                  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2

Duration:-          6 weeks for each level


Students who successfully complete Eurasia B2 or C1 level examinations will have mastered the basic communication tools required for academic studies and will be able to apply to any university with our certificate.


The A1 level will be conducted in Sri Lanka and all the other stages will be conducted in Germany. Once you learn the basics in the German language from A1 level in which you will be able to converse at a basic levelin German, you will be able to master the language upon your commencement of the rest of the levels in Germany. The advantage you will be receiving at this stage is the fact that you will learn the language in the native country among native speakers. The exposure and experience will benefit you to fluently speak this exciting language in a very short time.


The vibrant sense of international diversity which you will experience at our institute guarantees an interesting and exciting intercultural experience.


*Upon your completion of the German language course, your conditional offer will be accepted by the German University you have applied to.

German is the most widely spoken first language in the European Union making it a more attractive option to work in Germany or Europe after your graduation.


The Eurasia institute is an officially recognized examination centre for TestDaf and DSH exams that is necessary for German University entrance.


TestDaf - The TestDaF, formally Test Deutsch alsFremdsprache ("Test of German as a foreign language"), is a standardized language test of German proficiency for non-native German speakers. It is aimed at people who would like to study at or academics and scientists who would like to work in German universities. 

DSH - DSH stands for "Deutsche Sprachprüfungfür den HochschulzugangausländischerStudienbewerber" (German language university entrance exam for foreign students).