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We make hundreds of decisions in our lives every day. Nevertheless, decisions pertaining to long lasting outcomes in our life should be made with much thought and careful analysis. As the demand for education increases and the curiosity of today’s young intellectual generation keeps increasing to learn new things, different fields of education will join the ranks to the existing disciplines. For this reason Germany offers a wide range of courses covering many disciplines in its 381 officially recognized institutions of higher education in over 180 towns and cities throughout the country accounting to 14,000 degree programs Most Universities

Most Universities in Germany are public and funded by the federal government.

There are three types of Universities


1. University- Scientifically Oriented Education which specializes in certain disciplines with a broad range of courses and subjects. E.g. Medicine, Advanced Technology

2. University of applied Sciences- More practical oriented education tailored to meet the demands of professional life. Generally includes internships and a practical module.

3. College of Art and Music- Here you will find courses in the fine arts, Industrial and fashion design, Graphic arts, Instrumental Music, Voice etc.

Many German universities are in the top 100 world rankings, having both tradition and excellence in teaching, and where many Nobel laureates have studied; so there isn’t a doubt that you will receive extraordinary education.