Internship and part time jobs

Internship Placement

Eurasia Institute organizes internships for students, graduates and postgraduates in local and international companies in Germany. We choose companies which have opportunities in industries closely related to the intern's university major or particular area of interest. Through our extensive corporate client base we are able to offer placement in approximately 1000 German companies around the country and in some cases abroad.


Students and graduates may apply for internship placement in all fields: finance, technology and IT, pharmaceutical, culture and humanities, languages and many more!

Internships are for the most part unpaid. Paid opportunities may be available for skilled employment or seasonal employment. Remuneration in kind may in some cases be possible; for instance in the form of accommodation etc.

Part Time Jobs

Students also can gain work experience through part-time jobs and be exposed to the German labour market and make useful career contacts.

International students are allowed to work in Germany during the study period under certain conditions. A part-time job may help you to subsidize your budget and reduce the burden of living expenses. An international student is only allowed to work 90 full days or 180 half-days a year. It is important that students do not breach the stipulated working hours as it is strictly monitored and restricted by labour laws in Germany.